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"Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them."



The Best Content Distribution Channel You’re Overlooking

“Don’t overlook the importance of including sales in your marketing strategy—build strength in your content delivery!"

In a recent planning meeting with a client, I was surprised to hear the sales manager complain to the marketing manager. She didn’t think marketing was producing much in the way of good content her sales team could use. In fact, she argued that a major focus for the new year should be producing better quality content. Read more…

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Presenter, Content Marketing World, 2018

"When you think of channels for distribution of content, do you think "inside the box"?

Sometimes as marketers we are so focused on strategy, we forget about the tactical efforts needed to ensure our success.  Take our sales and partner channels, are they the last to know about your next release or offering and can they generally get access to the great content you’ve developed?  If not, it’s time to use a grass roots approach to ensuring you utilize the best audience you have at your disposal for content distribution---your sales teams!"

Presenter, Content Marketing World, 2017

“How did an online learning program become such a profitable marketing tool?”

Deep knowledge and expertise lies in the heart of every company and organization as the core of their mission, their philosophy, their technology, their innovation.  What if you could tap into that expertise and share the inherent knowledge that exists in your company with your customers and prospects?   Learn how I worked with an online learning platform to reach new audiences, generates leads, and turn a marketing program into a source of profit. 


Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit

Through the innovative development of an e-learning program at a F500 corporation, I helped to bring forward thought leadership ideas and innovations, and deliver them online to an audience of over 100,000 users worldwide, in turn creating a powerful brand awareness and lead generation tool for Schneider Electric.

This example of how a marketing team in a business can break the mold and become a more serious profit center by changing old attitudes and methodologies is highlighted among other examples in this new book by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute.  


Energy University

In 2006, Energy University was launched, becoming one of the most unique and innovative online formats created to deliver information and resources while creating brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership, and revenue for Schneider Electric.  As the Global Director of Content Marketing, I managed this program from its launch to the growth of over 100K courses taken in 14 languages.  To learn more about this offering, visit the program at


Collaborative Case Study, Schneider Electric + Federal Express

This collaborative case study between Schneider Electric and Federal Express was featured in the Global Citizenship Report for Federal Express in 2016.  It serves as a great example of how product innovation, supply chain, and global distribution can create a positive impact across continents.  

ARTICLE: What does a high school principal in South Africa have in common with a supply chain expert in Hong Kong?