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"What helps people, helps business."


Content Marketing and Campaign Development

As a member of the global content marketing team for a Fortune 500 corporation, I learned the in’s and out’s of setting up a global content marketing practice. From documenting a strategy, building and creating content, curation, and distribution to the measurement and effectiveness of the content.

I can work with your teams to build this discipline into your marketing campaign process and assist in creating a methodology for reaching new audiences through the use of high value content. Delivered outcomes:

  • Content Audits
  • Editorial Calendar and Planning
  • Process Flow and Handoffs Between Teams
  • Lead generation workflow for marketing automation
  • Assessment or Evaluation of Content Marketing Software and Tools

Internal Training, Adoption of Processes, and Workshops

Gaining adoption or buy-in for a new process or marketing methodology can be challenging. When an organization is looking to modify its brand and message, or has a new content development process, there should be clear guidelines and governance communicated to all the relevant parties. Adoption rates are proven to be higher when clear communication is shared equally across all stakeholders in an organization.

Through the use of web training and e-tools for delivery, I can help to establish the new processes or governance, and manage the delivery of training or workshops to ensure everyone on your team is ready to execute!

Examples of sessions I've built and delivered on a global level:

  •     Standardizing and implementing adoption of brand standards
  •     Establishing a “community of writers” within an organization using approved standards and guidelines for publishing
  •     Defining governance for social media, web content, and content creation.
  •     Content marketing strategy and planning workshops within a business unit or global team
  •     Building an editorial plan that ties with other teams and leverages the corporate message, events, and launches

“Knowledge Marketing” –the Use of Online Education Programs

Deep knowledge and expertise resides within every organization. What if you could unlock the potential for this and make it a tool for attracting new customers who seek that knowledge from their “trusted advisors"?  Using an online learning program is one such way of developing brand awareness, lead generation, and strong customer relationship. Working with your internal teams and resources, I can help you develop e-learning into a high performing content marketing tool, that achieves those goals and develops your marketing into a profit center. Explore this podcast where I explain how this is possible.

Program Management, Development, and Launch

Setting up and launching a new marketing program or internal project can be daunting for a team that already has plenty of work on their plate.   Through careful planning, definition, and engagement of stakeholders, I can guide you through a successful program development and launch and ensure you meet deadlines and create a measurable impact.  

Key areas of focus in the overall structure of a new program/project:

  • Planning—internal and external stakeholders, structure and financing of the program, anticipated outcomes
  • Defining—integral aspects of program, such as assets, labor, technology needs, deliverables
  • Organizing—aligning stakeholders and timelines
  • Executing—kickoff of process and mapping of actions to deadlines
  • Measuring—key performance indicators (KPI’s), return on investment to program (ROI), budgetary needs and ongoing maintenance costs