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"What helps people, helps business."


Content Marketing and Campaign Development

“Knowledge Marketing”: Using Learning Programs to Gain A Marketing Advantage

As a member of the global content marketing team for a Fortune 500 corporation, I learned the in’s and out’s of setting up a global content marketing practice. From documenting a strategy, building and creating content, curation, and distribution to the measurement and effectiveness of the content.

I can work with your teams to build this discipline into your marketing campaign process and assist in creating a methodology for reaching new audiences through the use of high value content. Delivered outcomes:

  • Content Audits

  • Editorial Calendar and Planning

  • Process Flow and Handoffs Between Teams

  • Lead generation workflow for marketing automation

  • Assessment or Evaluation of Content Marketing Software and Tools

Deep knowledge and expertise resides within every organization. What if you could unlock the potential for this and make it a tool for attracting new customers who seek that knowledge from their “trusted advisors"? 

Using e-learning is one such vehicle in the development of brand awareness, lead generation, and strong customer relationship. Working with your internal teams and resources, I can help you develop e-learning into a high performing content marketing tool, that achieves those goals and develops your marketing into a profit center.

Click here to listen to a podcast where I explain how this is possible.


Program Management, Development, and Launch

Setting up and launching a new marketing program or internal project can be daunting for a team that already has plenty of work on their plate.   Through careful planning, definition, and engagement of stakeholders, I can guide you through a successful program development and launch and ensure you meet deadlines and create a measurable impact.  

Key areas of focus in the overall structure of a new program/project:

  • Planning—internal and external stakeholders, structure and financing of the program, anticipated outcomes

  • Defining—integral aspects of program, such as assets, labor, technology needs, deliverables

  • Organizing—aligning stakeholders and timelines

  • Executing—kickoff of process and mapping of actions to deadlines

  • Measuring—key performance indicators (KPI’s), return on investment to program (ROI), budgetary needs and ongoing maintenance costs