The sweet spot for content distribution may be “inside the box!”

Sweet spot inside the box....get it?  :-)

Sweet spot inside the box....get it?  :-)

As marketers, we often focus our creative energies on cooking up engaging, visually rich content that tells our story, shares information and knowledge, or could produce a lead as a result. We share this through all the major channels of social media, our website, email nurturing, newsletters and so on. The external audience must be fed, and we must target them on a regular basis! 

But have you considered another channel that is often overlooked and could be your best champion? The internal sales/partner channel of your organization! These are the people who’ve committed their careers to selling your solutions, telling your story, being part of your organization. But in many cases, they were overlooked by the marketing team during the launch phases and don’t have access to the creative tools being developed for the end users. 

“Why did my customer bring this offer to my attention before my organization did?”

“When did this promotion start?”

 “Where can I find information that can be shared by email with the prospects/customers I’m working with?”

When you have an announcement, launch, or new message, consider the internal sales and partner channels as your first “go to” team. This group is hungry for cool stuff with which they can dazzle their prospects and customers! It’s a way to open a conversation with them about something they may want to know, or learn from.    

Consider developing content that is multipurpose and targets both your customers and your sales teams. Take a two-pronged approach of internal-and-external audiences (thinking both inside and outside the box).   

Tools that work well for your customer/prospect audiences, also work well for your sales channels!

--> Podcasts:  Who doesn’t love a podcast during drive time or while waiting for a flight? They’re great for quick consumption of information and updates. Deliver an executive-level podcast to taret those audiences who don’t have time for lengthier material. Share it with your sales teams, who are always looking for solid, useable, and effective information on their industry and issues.

--> Web-based videos: Serves the same purpose and allows you the visual component to increase interest – short consumption, deep impact, and retention with your audience. 

--> Interactive infographics: Still a fan favorite with many, infographic formats are a great tool for delivering top data points, figures, imagery, and, on occasion, can be interactive in design.  They’re flexible for web use and can be easily shared for distribution. 

This may seem like a simple and logical approach, but it's a "boots on the ground" way of ensuring you have a committed sales force that has direct ties to marketing, understands the work taking place by that team, and can help create an open stream of information between marketing and the customers.

Whenever I bring this into the conversation, it's a moment of clarity and untapped opportunity – make it your “aha” moment and leverage the great content within your organization to see how well-received and leveraged this content can become!