"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." --Margaret Shephard


And so it was that after spending 11 years working in a global marketing organization running a brand awareness program and building a content marketing methodology across multiple business units … I decided it was time to make a leap of faith and find new ways to share my experiences and work with new organizations as a marketing consultant!

From theory to results

The idea of stepping into this role had been brewing for some time, and in this age of diverse opportunities and changing skill sets, it seemed like the right time to take my show on the road.

I've worked for six Fortune 500 corporations, collaborated with marketing teams in over 20 countries, trained marketers and salespeople globally in person or via WebEx delivery, launched new programs and products and built marketing strategy plans around them, and navigated the excitement of an Internet IPO. 

It’s exciting to look back across your body of experience and realize that just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new always comes along!

What’s new and fascinating about marketing are the directions it’s taking these days: the innovative ways we identify with our audiences, create messages that speak to what people need and want, and deliver information and knowledge that was previously unshared with our customers. There are so many creative tools available to help develop and distribute these messages and knowledge—visual, dynamic, interactive tools!

When organizations embrace the concepts of content marketing and change the structure of the conversation with their customers, the upside is enormous.

Real-world examples

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more about some of these innovative companies, as they are part of the Content Marketing World conference taking place September 5-8 in Cleveland OH. It’s a week full of energy, ideas, and innovation that I’ll try to capture and pass along.

I’ll also be presenting a session on a topic that’s been dear to me during my time at Schneider Electric: the idea of using an e-learning platform to deliver your organization’s knowledge and expertise, and, as a result, creating huge brand awareness and trust with your customers. I’ll post the presentation and worksheet following the conference, but feel free to contact me anytime with questions about this topic!