Podcast: Interview with Rakhal Ebeli, CMO Newsmodo

Podcast interview with Rakhal Ebeli, CMO Newsmodo

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Deep knowledge and expertise almost always lies at the core of every successful company and organisation, yet often, that wisdom remains largely untapped, unexplored and underutilised.

Through the sharing of theories and best practices, it’s known that end users are more inclined to be attracted to you, develop trust, and then logically be willing to do business with you in the future too.

A great example of this was when Schneider Electric leveraged an innovative concept that utilised online learning as a mechanism for reaching new audiences, which, in turn achieved an enormously high rate of new leads and ultimately increased revenue. This uncommon method of reaching end users captured the attention of thousands globally and achieved over $13 million in associated business over the course of 12 years.  

With the help of Susan Hartman, who was the Global Director for Content Marketing at the time, we’ll be unpacking that case study and learning how to tap into existing expertise and resources of an organization… then market that knowledge base to add value to our customers and leads.

Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli talks to Susan about what you could be doing to identify unique and valuable knowledge lying just below the surface of your business, and then how to plot a path to share that wisdom with your customers.

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