Susan Hartman brings the right mix of experience, savvy,

  and just enough humor to her projects! 

Susan Hartman is a former director of global marketing at Fortune 500 company Schneider Electric, now working as a marketing advisor and consultant with companies across the country as the Principle of Susan Hartman Consulting LLC. With over 20 years of experience in building successful marketing plans in major companies and organizations, executing and delivering on global learning programs, and establishing a content marketing practice across a multi-division corporation, Susan is able to adapt and assess ways of achieving success for companies of any size.   

As the principle partner of SusanHartmanConsulting, she uses her experience to work with clients both large and small, helping them develop a clear focus on their marketing efforts and achieve specific results.  What works for a corporate team can also work for a smaller comany regardless of their size and program.   

Her love of marketing, working with diverse clients,  and a passion for creating new business opportunities for an organization are hallmarks of her success.   



In case you wondered about the Twitter handle, I love to sail! My home is off Narragansett Bay in the state of Rhode Island. This is the sailing capital of the world and known to have the best conditions for all forms of racing and sailing. When not thinking about marketing, this is where you will find me...

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